Tips to Transform Your Rental Unit to Look Like Yours

Rentals can be challenging as the property that you lease does not belong to you. The difficult part is that the unit could be old, rugged and rundown especially HDB flats and old condominiums in Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh and other matured estates. It is unappealing to stay in there but you have to sign the leasing contract due to other factors. Fret not, there are some tips that you are able to follow and transform your rental unit that looks like yours. There are plenty workaround ways that you can tailor to your taste and aesthetic.

tips to transform your house

Replace and Repair

The basic items that we will need to look into the moment we have sign the lease agreement. Replacing the old knobs, fusing light bulbs and old electrical items. You wouldn’t want your lease unit to be caught on fire for ‘vintage’ electrical items. Ensure your water pipes are properly running and no leakage especially for matured estates’ HDB flats. Repair if it’s necessary before the damage costs even more.

Paint the walls

suitable color for your house

Yes, if it’s necessary get the walls paint if the walls are mold. Before painting it, you’ll need to get landlord approval to get it paint. New paint makes the house looks newer and fresher. You can even paint suit to your mood. You may click here to find out what colors are suitable for each room. Like blue will induce you to be more relaxed that’s more suitable for the bedroom. Meanwhile, yellow/orange/red colors are bright and energetic colors more fitted to be in living room. But don’t worry about your unit’s exterior especially staying in HDB flats as the Housing Development Board always repaint the walls of each HDB.

Upgrade your lighting fixtures

You don’t have to stick to the long fluorescent lamp or old light bulbs. These days lights fixtures are versatile to suit the theme of your home. Upgrade with a chandelier or pendant will change the room’s atmosphere. Although lighting these days are looking aesthetic but we would recommend to seek electrician for cabling or wiring advices.

Windows dressing

windows dressing at your house

Beautifying your windows will change how the rooms look and feel. There are all kinds of dressing for the windows like decorated window blinds, printed window curtains or sheer window curtains. Adding window blinds helps to block the sunrays into the room. If you feel that plain white window blinds are boring, there are patterns available in the store. A simple HDB flat’s room by adding blinds or curtains transform the room into a new level. Check here for ways to style windows.

Furniture investments

Furniture these days are versatile with the different type of beautiful and practical to fit in the house. These days furniture are easily available in the market, you can get it in IKEA with convenience or avant garde furniture in some furniture boutique. Prices, of course, variable based on the aesthetic and quality used. A furniture does makes a difference for a house ‘feng shui’.

Planters in the house

Adding plants to the house will make the room fresher and natural. Besides providing fresh air, it also helps to make the room fresher and cooler for natural air. However, not all plants can be place in the house as it requires a hefty and tedious maintenance. A cacti plant or succulent plant is cost and time efficient as you don’t have to water it often. We often see that there are plentiful of pots and vases along the HDB corridor that feels fresher every time walk past it. But, do be considerate when arranging the pots and vases to allow residents have ample space to walk.

Art display

wallpaper at your house

Art makes the home and there are many ways to install the art at home. Be it handicrafts or buying from art gallery. Besides, a furniture can be an art too. Hanging paintings on the bare wall works well too. Photos with pretty photo frames with neat arrangement on the walls do shows one personality. Well, if you would like to hands on build an art, check here out!

Design with warmth and love

Lastly, this is essential when building your dream home, be it an old HDB flats or new BTOs or even private condominium. Adding all the elements with tinge of love and affection, it will add your rental unit to a warm nest that looks like yours.

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