Is Size of Your Dream Home Important

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Is Size of Your Dream Home Important?


When people start to think about moving into the house of their dreams, then they can actually wind up creating the visions of a perfect home long before they actually even look at their first house. What you have to remember is that the more you go to buy, the more it will actually cost you. Homes can be expensive not just up front, but over the course of your life. That’s why you have to think about the decision-making behind buying a home and what really matters. Don’t just focus on the size and square footage of a home. Instead, think about what you really want for your entire life as well.


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How Many Years On a Mortgage?


Owning a home is truly a nice advantage because you not only don’t need to worry about paying rents each and every month once you own your own home, but you also own the equity. Equity can be a tremendous asset for someone who wants to do anything from selling to refinancing, to even putting down collateral on another loan. However, the biggest thing that people seem to forget is that when you purchase a house, until you actually pay off your mortgage, your new house is just like a long term rent situation, unless you pay for it in cash.


The average time to pay off a home is closer to 30 years than any other number, and when you consider people who continuously try to move up into newer and better homes and up their mortgages, then you know it will actually last a lot longer than that. In fact, according to Five Thirty-Eight, one in three houses owned by people taking a survey didn’t have a mortgage to continue to pay on. In other words, two thirds of the people in this survey who were so-called “homeowners” were actually still paying on a mortgage. Just because you think you can buy a house doesn’t mean you will need to stop making payments, and in some instances, it could be years before you are done owing the bank.


How Much Is Too Much?


When you start to think about the actual costs of owning a house, then you absolutely need to consider how much it will add up to be. Without being a nitpicker, you do have to compare the costs of additional space in a home with what it will actually cost on your bottom line. For example, most people only think about the costs of purchasing the home, but when you increase the home size even by a few square feet, then you will inevitably increase everything else associated with running and maintaining the home. The electricity costs will go up, and so will the energy costs to keep it warm or cool enough to your specifications. Your costs to even insure and protect the house will increase as well.


All of these items would be simple enough to understand, but you also have to remember that every room in a house is connected to the others. Therefore, if you want the same floor plan throughout your unit, you are going to need to look for things such as similar artwork, new matching furniture, and even additional reasons to go into extra rooms and make it be used to justify it. Put another way, people want to have extra rooms but they don’t realize just how much they are actually paying for them.


Why Buy Everything Yourself?


The good thing about renting is that while you don’t get to have the true ownership that some homeowners can feel, you are able to actually benefit on a lot of amenities right away when you rent instead of own. Being a renter means that the landlord is responsible for everything from taxes to building maintenance and upkeep. It also means that when problems occur, damage happens, or bad neighbors are making noise, you aren’t the one who has to figure out the solution.


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It also means you might not be able to call yourself a homeowner. However, do you really need to be called one? When it comes to actually enjoying your life and getting to relish your day to day in your own place, it might just make sense to let someone else worry about all of the things you don’t want to deal with. Consider the fact that younger people may not have the financial capabilities that older generations had when you consider a struggling economy, a world that has higher unemployment and less jobs, a global student loan crisis, and more. At the end of the day, it can be devastating to try and pay for living expenses by yourself and still have enough money left over to actually get out and enjoy life. That’s why if you are looking to find an affordable place to live, you should look into a house for sale in KL with PropertyGuru Malaysia as your number one tool. Not only is it easy to use, but you can also find what makes the most sense for you right off of the bat.


Pick Up and Go


If you are a younger individual, then you will want to have flexibility on your side more than anything. While you might need to put down some roots if you are getting older and possibly starting a family, then you can still benefit tremendously just by having flexibility on your side. Just imagine if you have to change jobs, find a new opportunity, want to move to live with family, or find yourself in other scenarios. If you have nothing holding you back if and when you want to leave, then your life will be that much less complicated, and you will be able to pursue real ideas and opportunities. However, if you are still living in a home where you need to find a way to sell it, you can be stuck in an area you don’t want to be in anymore.


In addition to the idea of being stuck, you might not want to move far away when it comes time to go. You just might not want to stay in the same neighborhood if local property values come down, local city government isn’t doing much to build or maintain infrastructure, or even if you want to live where the exciting events are happening on the other side of town. However, if you want to pack up and go, then it could cost big bucks when it is time to close and you still need to wait for someone to offer to buy your house. If you were renting, you could just pack up and go. As Bankrate discusses, there are a few specific markets that look good if you are trying to sell a property. However, if you don’t happen to be in one of those cities, you could be waiting a while to make a sale.


While there are benefits to owning a home, when it comes to renting, you want to be sure that you fully understand what type of lifestyle you are receiving. It might not be glamorous, but if you get everything that you want, then you might as well keep renting so you can have flexibility on your side.


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